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See where you're spending your time.

ScreenTime+ is an automatic time tracking app for mac. It helps you to see where you're spending your time on Mac via the menu bar.

Note: ScreenTime+ is a mac app and requires macOS 13.0 or later

Automatic Time Tracking
Effortlessly monitor where you are spending time on your Mac.
App Usage Details
Display list of all the apps used and the respective time spent on each.
Website Usage Insights
Track your time spent on websites (supported browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, Microsoft Edge and Arc).
Active Time Visualization
Displays active times over a 24-hour period for effective productivity analysis.
Detailed Daily Reports
Show the total time spent on your Mac each day, helping you understand your habits.
Data Privacy
Guaranteed data privacy with all recorded data being saved locally on your device.
User-friendly Interface
Easy to use menu bar interface for quick access.
Resource Efficient
Being a native Mac app, ScreenTime+ efficiently utilizes system resources without slowing down your Mac.
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